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Locked Casinos Italy Germany And France Reacting On New Wave

screenshot of The cornerstone EU states are implementing the second lockdown term, with closing casinos, betting and lottery shops, and other entertainment venues. Italy, France, and Germany face an increase in daily coronavirus-cause disease cases, which forces the governments to restrict displacements. The unfortunate casino news comes from the middle of Europe, where three major countries are closing all the gambling and entertainment venues. The governors decided to cope with the second wave of a novel coronavirus in a lockdown manner, just like at the beginning of the global pandemic. France decided to return to strict measures from October 30, closing all the entertainment venues. Casinos, betting, poker-rooms, and lottery shops will be closed for about a month as the COVID-caused illness cases have increased in recent times. The displacements also will be restricted, while businesses should return to remote work if it is possible. Germany takes similar measures but from November 2. The government is going to review the situation in two weeks, but experts assume the total closure will last until December, at least. It prolongs the recovery process for land-based casinos as the spring's lockdown hit the entertaining sector significantly. In Italy, the local governors also decided to return to lockdown measures from November 2. All the entertaining activity will be restricted for another month or so, including mortar-and-brick bookmaking shops and casinos. As Italy has only four regions where land-based casino venues are open, another inter-municipalities travel limit hits that business's recovery. How will a new lockdown influence the recovery process of land-based gambling venues? Undoubtedly, negative outcomes are inevitable for mortar-and-brick casinos and betting venues. One of the core adverse impacts of COVID-19 is the hit on the economy and the citizens' solvency. However, one can expect another wave of increased interest in online gambling and gaming due to lockdown. Read more: How to choose the best software provider for online casinos? Read more: Will the esports betting receive a new push with the second lockdown?
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