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Swedish Problem Gambling On Safe Level Due To Casino Loss Limits

screenshot of Swedish authorities reported a stable level of problem gambling despite they had expected an increase due to a pandemic outbreak. AB Trav och Galopp (ATG) representatives claimed that such a positive result is the outcome of the casino loss limit, which was imposed in March by the local government. The Svenska Spel Independent Research Council confirmed this trend and also presented interesting data concerning gambling in Sweden. The coronavirus lockdown was regarded as a dangerous psychological factor that can increase problem gambling rates. The Swedish gambling provider ATG even supported the state's stricter measures imposed on gaming entities. The casino loss limit was introduced in March 2020 and set a limit of €483 maximum weekly gambling venues' losses. It means that a depositing amount cannot overpass this number for gamblers that use online or offline platforms. To shake up the latest casino news, ATG's representative Maria Guggenberger assured that the casino's loss limit works well with Swedish problematic gambling rates. Even though Guggenberger did not exclude other societal factors like the overall downfall of gambling or turning to unlicensed operators, which could influence the results, she admitted the positive influence of limits that ATG implemented across their venues. Svenska Spel confirms positive results of problematic Swedish gambling In order to broaden the discussion of ludomania in Sweden, the Svenska Spel Independent Research Council presented their annual report concerning the regarded problem. According to the report, uncontrolled ludomania remained at the same level, which is good news for society. However, this acceptable result can be an outcome of the decreased gambling level, as the Svenska Spel itself reported about a 10% decline compared to the former year. The first half of 2020 ended with a revenue of almost €360 million, where only lotteries showed a positive tendency. Among the other impressive results of Svenska Spel's report was the gender comparison of problem gambling and crime-related aspects. Thus, addicts of both genders tend to violate laws to pursue their addiction problems. However, males are mostly living in big cities and have more criminal experience before committing a ludomania-related offense, while females reside in smaller towns and usually commit their misdeeds firstly. Read more: The latest trend in gambling addiction treatment Read more: Spend time safely: online poker apps to play with friends
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